About US

“ARTCELIO” is a combined word of “ART” in English and “CELIO” in Spanish. “CELIO” is a name that has a deep desire for love and companion, always striving to achieve peace and harmony.  

Metal in its liquid form has unlimited possibilities and can be shaped in all wills. ARTCELIO would like to open this possibilities to you. Design Is Everything, By Everyone. ARTCELIO is more than a gift, it is appreciation to your loved ones including yourself.

About Our Products
All products produced by ARTCELIO are made of 925-sterling silver or gold and hand-polished by talented artisans. Quality is our number one priority and we put our products to test and we use only the finest raw materials. 

We worry what you worry! Therefore, we have plated a relatively thick layer of platinum protection on top of the 925-sterling silver to protect it from quick oxidization.

All you need to do is to follow your heart and select the right design that fits you the best!